The genesis of HzO WaterBlock™ technology began from a vision to create emergency response communications equipment in maritime environments. The originating development team were driven to create electronic equipment that could operate even when wet, thus saving equipment, cost and most importantly – human lives.

From this effort was borne the passion to develop and commercialize advanced technology that protects electronics from the devastating effects of water—the enemy of all electronic devices. In 2009, ZAGG saw the vision of protecting electronics. They purchased the original technology, created HzO, and began to improve and commercialize the technology into the HzO solution.  Over the four years since original innovation, the result was the Waterblock™ technology – impervious to the fatal effects of water, humidity, sweat and a  host of other moist environments - even after prolonged exposure.

With a team of highly skilled scientists applying state-of-the-art practices and analysis, our proprietary process called WaterBlock™ evolved commercially in 2011. A clear, nearly invisible coating envelops itself around a device’s intricate components offering maximum protection from water caused catastrophe.