Waterproofing, Water Damage, and Tricks to Save Your Smartphone

Waterproofing, Water Damage, and Tricks to Save Your Smartphone A general browsing of the Internet on the subject of “water damage in mobile phones” reveals a disturbing number of methods employed by people whose heart literally skips a few beats

The Science Behind Water Damage

The Science Behind Water Damage It’s no secret that water and electronic devices don’t mix; Water damage happens to us all. If you have ever dropped your iPhone into the toilet, or knocked over your favorite beverage and watched as

Record-Breaking Sea Kayak Journey Around Ireland

A few months back we were contacted with news of an amazing man in Ireland who was going to attempt to break a world record- so we jumped at the chance to do our part in supporting him on his

Water-resistant vs Water-repellent vs Waterproof: What’s the Difference?

Water-resistant vs Water-repellent vs Waterproof: What’s the Difference? Whether it’s on a watch, on a raincoat, or on the latest smartphone, we all see the terms related to waterproof devices being thrown around on a regular basis. The big question

HzO Blog Content: Waterproofing and Nanotechnology

Because we, HzO, are a company that specializes specifically in waterproofing and nanotechnology, we have decided that it is important to educate our followers, as well as keep them up to date with not only the latest news and interest

HzO Takes Home Prestigious Utah Innovation Award

As you all know, we here at HzO have been working very hard on our revolutionary WaterBlockTM technology, which not only protects electronic devices from drips and splashes of water and other liquids, but from prolonged submersion as well. Yesterday,

What’s New At HzO?

What’s new at HzO? Since our exciting debut at CES 2012, where we were fortunate to receive the CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award, things have been extremely busy here at HzO headquarters. Here is the latest buzz surrounding the company and

The Weird Things We Try When Our Phones Take a Dive

By Devin Markle Without a doubt, one of the top causes of phone death I see in my line of work is due to liquid damage- whether that be from a spilled drink, a phone swan-dive into the toilet, jumping

Don’t Let Your Technology Get the Best of You

By Devin Markle I have mentioned previously that I work at a popular electronics retailer, and more specifically work on the end of fixing the broken and misbehaving gadgets that come back through my door on a daily basis. In

Roku 2 HD Streaming Player Review

By Ryan Moore For years my wife and I have been on the hunt for the perfect TV solution. Neither of us are real “turn on the TV for the sake of turning it on” viewers but we do have